Trip North

I headed North to attend funeral ceremonies.

The fragmented nature of our existence - or at least mine - living here in the states never comes quite into focus like it does during family events.  These events are infrequent - to put it mildly.  It may have  been decades since I saw some of the members of my family - who I'd heard were born and existed as children of my cousins but were now adults.

The drive from Tennessee to PA turned hellish once I got to the Virginia area.  The roads are glass-smooth but the speeds are slow.  Like most other places there are police everywhere waiting to take their revenue cut from the victim-travelers.  The corridor from Richmond to Philadelphia including the areas around Fredericksburg, Virginia, Alexandria, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia, PA - one big gigantic traffic  jam.  We left half a day early so only arrived a half hour late.  Since this was a funeral planning for travel was limited.  Some folks offered to pay for me to fly but the airports are even worse than the roads - and I hate Nazis anyway.  I've had it with boots, uniforms, searches and papers.  Flying in this country is like a trip to the local prison - and you the traveler are the prisoner.

Parking in Richmond, Virginia is a royal pain in the ass plus they had an Irish festival I visited.  I had a Guiness and somebody else had fish and chips which were greasy and terrible.  Once I tasted the French Fries with their cold grease I decided not to try the fish which was plopped right on top of the fries.  There was no talk of politics by anyone.  Even in those moments when folks talked about something else - getting off the main subject - who can tell?

I noticed that some folks I know but haven't talked to in a while still are following the fairy tale that is broadcast via the people that are still in control of the media that comes out of many television sets.  There must still be enough coordination between the online lies and the television lies to envelop some minds in the lies of the boogeymen created everywhere to kill us as a people.

The kids are attending some of the universities in this country - but if the parents are so lied to from where will this younger generation of Americans receive confirmation of ideas that are outside the media web?

Some folks I trust very much told me that the welfare system is indeed being taken advantage by lots and lots of lazy people - I've never had any involvement in this system.  They work in it.  It is obvious that reform is necessary.

A reform plan for this country would need to be coordinated - to kill an over bloated dole system jobs are necessary.  It takes material goods to keep this society going and some of those goods used here must be made here.  It is as simple as that.  This implies that some fatasses with 27 bathrooms to shit in may need to settle for 26 bathrooms - since they can pay real wages to Americans working here so they don't have to compete with slave labor.

I'm in by favorite coffee shop up on the hill by St John's church a la Patrick Henry.  I grab a redeye for the drive home.

I'm about to embark on my journey South - back to Bibleville.

Only one of the cats came to say bye - the tuxedo snubbed me - he knows how long I'll be gone...


Which Candidate really Supports our Troops?

"For whom, it suddenly occurred to him to wonder, was he writing this diary? For the future, for the unborn. His mind hovered for a moment round the doubtful date on the page, and then fetched up with a bump against the Newspeak word DOUBLETHINK. For the first time the magnitude of what he had undertaken came home to him. How could you communicate with the future? It was of its nature impossible. Either the future would resemble the present, in which case it would not listen to him: or it would be different from it, and his predicament would be meaningless."  George Orwell 1984

I've been asked why I just don't "enjoy my life."  This blogging and discussion of the affairs of my country are such a waste of time.

Perhaps this is true.  I've been asked what I hope to accomplish - I have no answers to these questions.

I've been accused of being a "liar" and other things...

Many blog posts ago, and in several between I mentioned that the genesis of this blog was in my discovery of the collapse of World Trade Center 7. *

To this day people I've known my entire life look at that controlled demolition - and now - since they can see it is a controlled demolition are stuck becoming, themselves, so-called Conspiracy Theorists as their brains try to come up with reasons that their government would actually do something like that.  Perhaps it was done to protect "secrets" they will surmise - then they will come up with all kinds of conspiratorial scenarios as their mind tries to rationalize the monstrous implications that the building really was demolished with preplanted charges.  But there must be some "good" reason!  Yes - it was this or that - or maybe....  I've heard them all - it is pitiful to watch - these people - friends, family, new acquaintences... from all walks of life - they cannot come to grips with this concept that we as Americans may have been taken over from within.  IMPOSSIBLE!  Ha ha ha.  I know the feeling they are experiencing and it took me a long time to come to terms with it.  What I struggle with is whether or not there is any point anymore in trying to reach such a group when confronted by a media that participated and participates to this very day - in the deliberate hoodwinking of my friends family and acquaintances via the mechanisms of TeeVee and computer and smartphone NOOZ.

I am impressed with the ability of the United States government to convince not only the taxpayers - who remain most ignorant of all - but the government employees who worked mostly for the armed forces.  These folks have a lot of "unlearning" to do before they can become functioning full-fledged citizens.  Many never will be.

It's a windy day here in Bibleville.  The stowstorm of last weekend has passed and all of the snow has melted from what was a major snowstorm - Today was sunny and springlike - grass visible on the ground not a bit of snow in sight.  In fact if you didn't live through it I probably could never convince you of the magnitude of the change in weather we've had in such a short period...But now very windy - wind whistles and howls at times through the telephone and power wires strung from the street poles to the houses.  I am in the bedroom of one of the houses here in this has-been and now being rebuilt neighborhood.  A sliding window is to my right as I type onto my computer in its cubbyhole...

Folks I know are still going to vote for this candidate or that - but for me I can see that the ones that are up for sale have been put before the public for years leading up to this fake prezidental race.

The democrats have Bernie Sanders and the Clintons.  I've had it with the Clintons since they've been in government too long - in other words - my entire adult working life.  In a nation of 300 million people isn't there somebody else - and somebody that isn't a fucking lawyer?

Bernie Sanders - he is there to convince the democrats that their government really does have a heart and that if he somehow gets into office all of the warfare will stop.  Admittedly I haven't listened to a word he's said since I used to listen to him on Thom Hartmann's radio show every Friday during a segment called Brunch with Bernie Sanders where he would take questions etc...  Thom Hartmann lost all credibility with me when he said on air that Oswald was the lone shooter that killed Kennedy.  What an idiot - even Congress said there was a second shooter because of the police microphone - but listen - if you are an American - I'm sure there is a game or something on right now so I don't want to disturb you and ask you to go do your own research about that.  LINK HERE

"The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was established in 1976 to investigate the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. The HSCA completed its investigation in 1978 and issued its final report the following year, concluding that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. While the basis for that finding of "probable conspiracy" was a since-discredited[1][2] acoustic analysis of a police channel dictabelt recording,[3] the HSCA also commissioned numerous other scientific studies of assassination-related evidence that corroborate the Warren Commission's findings.[4]

After observing the effectiveness of the propaganda machine on the American public - of course the findings of any truth will later be retracted.  We live under the rule of murder incorporated - it's really just a question now of the public waking up from their stupor.

Kennedy was killed by people who didn't like the direction of peace that he was taking the country towards.  He was going to invest more money in the peaceful pursuits like science , aeronautics and the space race - rather than helicopters, M16s and the military industrial death industry.  Why not do something positive for a change it seemed was his objective.  Does it sound conspiratorial to think that people who like killing others for profit would kill him for profit?  How stupid do you have to be to keep swallowing this crap?  No wonder the bad guys are in charge of the United States - they are leaner meaner smarter and more engaged than the good guys.  They have more money than the good guys.  They support each other - because yes - there is some sort of honor amongst thieves - it is called being organized.  The rest of us are arguing about whether or not the US Military had to be deliberately misdirected just not to stop the attacks by default.  For all the Americans I know that are in the military - they are so brainwashed that not only can't they see the last attack on the country for what it was - they will NEVER see the next one coming.

Anyway Hartmann had Bernie on forever and they talked about all the stuff that Democrats think is so important - you know all the responsible adult stuff like health care etc...  Let me ask you how any of that will happen when we cannot address the most basic problems confronting this nation - like why we are the worlds policeman and how we can afford to run an empire and our own nation at the same time while we are losing all of the wars?  I'm losing and so are you.

The republicans are just as funny.  Donald Trump pretends to support our troops but has anyone asked him how he will support our veterans in the United States Navy who served aboard the USS Liberty and were attacked by middle eastern terrorists?  Oh that was a long time ago you will say.  Presidential candidates on the right have been part of ignoring this event for a long time - and the existing ones will too.  Don't you want to know why?  What are they afraid of?  Why are we so concerned about this tiny country in the middle east?  Why do they have such power over those running for the highest office in our country - and they don't even live here?

At this present time I don't know how this nation will really be great again if we don't start taking care of our own problems first - then pontificating and meddling in other people's countries second.

Right now the right wingers love Trump because he seems to be good with a crowd and is already a TeeVee star.  Will he ensure ME that is is an America-firster and not and Israeli-firster?  That would be difficult as it would require him to fix the USS Liberty situation.  Why?  Because there are clues here and there and everywhere that the same powers that committed that crime committed another serious crime nobody wants to talk about.  Another giant scam that got us all right here where we are - in the wars we are in - looting other countries while none of the citizens of America get to share in the profits.

On an on we go never addressing the past - pretending that it doesn't matter.  If Israel did the Liberty deliberately with the aid of higher-ups in the US, and Israel did 911 then our military are simply the pawns of globalists.  Armed thugs mandated to steal from other countries at the command of the monsters that weaseled their way into the government of We the People.

Since we are all torturers and murderers now in a global war-for-profit empire - as friends remind me is just the reality of our existence I pose a question: "Where is my cut?"

I keep hearing that "We are just like Rome"  - well we are not like Rome.

Rome was a bloodthirsty nation with no regard for human life.  In that respect I agree we are just like them.  Rome was an efficient organized military killing machine with no mercy.  In that respect I agree again.  Rome finally ended up diluting their own money and collapsing due to lack of vigilence of their own leaders and citizens.  I agree again.

But when Rome invaded and plundered other countries the people doing the fighting got a cut of the booty.  Where is my cut?  I'm constantly asked to pony up for taxes to support this globalist scheme for so-called world peace and world carbon taxes, and a global currency - where do I get to benefit from all of this?  If I'm making an invesment - where is the return on investment?

I see no return on investment.

The current presidential race is disturbing in its blatant disregard for reality.  On the Republican side I would suggest people support Rand Paul as he was the only Republican candidate that expressed any reasonable and rational viewpoint for a thinking voter.  But are there any real thinking voters on the Republican side?  I'm doubting that.

America has really lost her way.  The manufacturing and agricultural aspects of this nation are not what they were when I was growing up.  I used to put references in these blog posts but found that nobody ever read them.

I am not sure why people who care about their country cannot see the things we were warned about except that I blame our media for their ignorance - and I don't consider the failings of our media to be an accident.  It is an agenda.  It is deliberate.  Entertainment, like Rome has been carefully crafted to keep the public hypnotized - Trump would have been perfect running the Circus Maximus.

Although I am constantly harassed as a "conspiracy theorist" I am in good company.

JFK warned us... but when people here this - their face becomes contorted for a second or two - then they get back to Hollywood.

It is something to ponder that we are fighting and fighting and fighting everyone under the sun - but we never stop to think about what it is we are actually fighting for.  What are we fighting for?

Should we be concerned about poverty in other countries when we have people starving here?  Why are there bums standing on the corners in all American cities? -Beggars were few and far betwen - an anomaly when I was growing up and didn't exist in most places I frequented (including this town I knew as a young man) for most of my life.  The generations growing up now probably think that this is all normal.  Things have changed - I can tell - but how to describe any of this to those in the present who were not around to see America when America WAS a greater country than it is now?

What sense does it make to fatten the asses of CEOs while our country burns.  I keep hearing that the richer rich people get the better it is for me.  OK - that is great if one is a bootlicker and doesn't mind shining the shoes of the rich for a chance at the American dream.  Am I next in line to be the beggar asking some fat fuck with 26 bathrooms for a job?  What if I don't agree with their politics?

America was the "land of opportunity"  and it still is.  I don't want a handout or even help from anybody.  I am not advocating that.  What I am talking about is a nation of manufacturing and agriculture that is so dynamic and inventive and widespread that it is a given that there is opportunity for all citizens everywhere withing the country.  Those conditions do no presently exist.  Perhaps we can all open hamburger stands and sell hamburgers to each other for money.

I was pushing a lawn mower and a newspaper delivery kid.  I did whatever it took to survive and I still do.  I keep hearing the Republicans complaining that the cause of our ills is that there are too many lazy poor people in this country that don't want to work and that is the genesis of our problems.

It is funny that these supposedly economically astutue people completely ignore the expense of having troops occupying over 135 nations in the world.  They ignore that cost.  Their kids work for the military industrial complex which they pretend does not account for a nickel of our national debt.

It is also very curious to me that these very same war-loving and Muslim-hating Republicans and Evangelicals will never say that those very same poor people are lazy when they join the military for a "job."  Now suddenly these poor from America who had no opportunity for upward mobility in their own run-down hometown are suddenly heroic as they get on the dole as a soldier - having signed up to be a soldier sailor airman or marine.  Now these very same "lazy" Americans are our troops - sent off to plunder and pillage foreign people in their own lands - but what is in all of this for me?

So what do I get out of all this?  What is in it for me?  Is it worth the gas money to go down and "vote" on a corrupt computer with an ethernet cable plugged into the wall - the voting machine nothing but a programmable computer - and ATM - if you will that never provides a receipt and always counts the money wrong.

Although the sky is still blue outside cumulus clouds have blown in - the gusty winds continue to blow.  I've lowered the window a bit to reduce the harassment from the blasts of air knocking my drawings over.  There is nobody outside as I look up the grassy slope between these brick single family homes from a previously prosperous era.  Cinderblock basement courses with brick on top.  Some of the houses are run down and not cared for.  Every yard seems to have way too many cars for the number of people the houses were designed for .  

So I do wonder from time to time if there really is a point to all of this.  If We the People cannot get together to agree on anything because our news no longer serves us maybe I should listen to the rabble and just sit here and watch Rome burn again.  It gets old being called a "Conspiracy Theorist" all of the time and being the lone voice.  They have even got to the people in the psychology/psychiatric community - some of the most mentally unstable people on the planet.

I have a theory that most people in the psychiatric and psychology professions are there because they started their studies trying to figure out what their own problems are.  Look at the state of the population.  I do agree that there is a role for the psychobabble people - but only as tools of an out-of-control government and greedy pharmaceutical companies.  None of them make that much money - so they are in weak negotiating positions at work.  This makes them easily manipulated by their paymasters.  They are order takers and dissidents in the field are not tolerated.  Presently the psych -community is being hijacked to take over where the corrupt police are ineffective in dealing with dissidents.

Not long ago in Virginia Brandon Raub was locked up in a psyche ward for the weekend since the corrupt police agencies that went after him couldn't find anything to charge him with.  There is a post somewhere on this blog with links to the events as they happened.  Virginia - at a state level said they would not cooperate with the NDAA but when it came down to it they rolled over - being impressed - as all employees of the slave state are with federal power.  Virginia is a tool of the federal government and is overrun with employees and varous worshippers of federal power.  That's an opinion but that' OK I don't think they are illegal yet.  Perhaps I will eventually be admitted to a psyche-ward in one of the slave states for that opinion if they cannot make it illegal.

I've even had conversations with people about so-called cloud formation and weather modification - but because the American public is not stupid enough to pollute their own air supply they think that their leaders also would not pollute their own air supply for the benefits available with the control of weather.  I've been called "crazy" (Americans learned to do this on TeeVee and ape behaviours they learn from their media) - for my personal observations where I thought I'd seen cloud spraying under various conditions.   Hell even Scientific American agrees with me - yet the ignoramuses that call themselves citizens keep calling me names - it's fascinating to watch how stupid they really are - thanks to their TeeVee.

Here's a snippet - do you still wanna' call me crazy?  Ha ha - I'm used to it!  Ignorance is bliss!
Here's a link - 
The white haze that hangs over many major cities could become a familiar sight everywhere if the world decides to try geoengineering to create a cooler planet.
Scientists have long suspected that one oft-discussed geoengineering technique -- shooting tiny sulfate particles into the upper atmosphere to deflect sunlight -- could turn the blue sky white. Nature has already provided a basic proof of concept. When Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, spewing tons of sulfate particles in the atmosphere, it temporarily whitened the sky.
Now a new study by researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science attempts to determine just how big the effect from man-made geoengineering would be.
Adding enough sulfate to the stratosphere to block 2 percent of the sun's light would make the sky three to five times brighter, they report in a paper that will be published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.
Concerning the above - with all the global warming etc... we are constantly supposed to piss-on-cue for - who the hell is spraying stuff into the air we all breath?  Would you do that?  I wouldn't!  But once again you can be sure of one thing - our leaders do not share our values.  I want  clean air and clean water for everyone - not just for those in filtered environments with private water supplies.

America is still heading down the wrong path.  We have to make up our minds what we stand for.

The sun is setting, the temperature has suddenly dropped - another two gusts blow through the barely open sliding window to my right looking down onto the grassy slope descending between the house I'm in and the neighbors house.  I see their outdoor unit for their air conditioner.  Pipes are loose and hanging off their house.  A downspout gapes off to the side away from the house - the drainpipe it used to connect to uselessly rotting on the side of the house overgrown with grass.  An old satellite dish sloppily installed with the coax cables rolled and hung on the post behind the dish like an old extension cord.  A bird somewhere in the distance just said something...

I wonder if there is a point to all of this - and for whom I write this......

* remember that WTC7 fell in the afternoon of 911 - the info in the video makes it sound like it was in the following days during cleanup.  If you wish to understand 911 you can learn by beginning your research into WTC7.  The gentleman in the video made a lot of money from insurance payoffs due to the buildings he controlled getting hit that day.  If I were an insurance investigator (not an American one they are obviously too stupid) I would have some suspicions - but maybe these days insurance investigators are no longer suspicious of anything and cannot consider conspiracy since people would call them names since the TeeVee says to call people names who think there was planning behind a crime...

P.S.  I just tried to sign out of my google blogger account three times - and the thing "pretended" to sign me out - even asking for my username on another screen, then using safari browser, I used the forward and back buttons to navigate right back into a signed in screen on my blogger account I had just supposedly signed out of.

This is an Apple computer - and I know on my other computers I don't have these problems. What does that tell you?  Ha ha.

Google took adsense away on this blog - and Apple somehow always has a way for me to get hacked anymore - where in the past it was easier being a blogger.  Apple is a big security risk in my opinion and I knew that signing in to this account on this computer was an avenue to get hijacked by the computer weirdos.  But I did it anyway - now I get to watch to see how they attempt to exploit it...



Trump cares about veterans? What about Navy veterans?

Since Big Donny can't make it to the debates, despite the pleading of Billy O'reilly to please, please reconsider...

Big Donny is going to have a benefit for veterans - to try to capture the veterans vote.

Support our troops!

A good question to ask Donald Trump is what he intends to do to find the terrorists that performed the terrorist attack on the USS Liberty.

What will he do to stop terrorism?  What will he do for our soldiers sailors airmen and marines?

Ha ha ha ha!

I'll give you one GD guess!


He will do nothing for the survivors of the attack by terrorists on the USS Liberty.

But he WILL wave flags and talk about things like "Making America Great Again" and stuff like that.

Don't forget bashing Muslims - very selective bashing - but they weren't Muslims that did the terrorist attack on the USS Liberty were they?  Oh  - that was a long time ago you will hear.  That doesn't matter anymore.  That was necessary to ignore that terrorist attack on our sailors and cover it up in the mainstream media everywhere in this "land of the free and home of the brave."  UH HUH!

Big Donny will tellem what they want to hear - but if he pledges to bring the terrorists to justice that did the attack on the USS Liberty - I'll vote for him.

But he won't.

None of them will.

Which brings us to where we are right now... just watching this goofy public spectacle.

Watching our country burn to the ground and selling each other hamburgers.  Yes - that will make America great again.

Here's the cheapo interview of Billy and Big Donny -  Pulleeez pulleeeez Big Donny - please!  We neeeeeeed you!!!!  Please  - milkshakes!  Please!!!!

Huh?????  This is so fake I don't know where to go.  Both of these guys will have nothing to do with heroic survivors of the USS Liberty because that would involve real sacrifice.....


Federal Reserve Explained-video

Please watch this video - is it really all this simple?  This post - as usual - horribly written and shallow - but there's no time for much more right now.  

There's a lot that needs to be looked at to fix this problem.  An analysis of winners and losers is probably a great place to start - regarding what will happen to everyone if a shift is made in this system.

As with most problems involving big big amounts of money - fighting amongst winners and losers must be factored into our expectations of what to expect as the problem is first discussed, then revealed, then attempts are made to solve it.

Compartmentalization seems to work in our lives for lots of things and it would probably work pretty well when it comes to solving the problems of our money system.  But we won't have many options available internally to fix this problem when there is a globalist agenda working every day - while you and I are at  work (those of us working) - globalists at work every day to usurp the sovereignty of the United States and take away forever the options available to us internally.

I agree with the video where eventually a UN bank will be the be-all end-all "solution" that will enter the picture at just the right time to "save us."

If the only way out is for the bigshots to save their own asses by selling us all out they will do exactly that.  What is in it for them to keep their money if the whole country is going down the shitter?  Why would the elites and ultra-rich give up their fortunes for the betterment of the rest of us?  I don't see that happening.

I also don't see any cohesion between the average American citizens.

Most of our problem is that most people listen more to what Sean Hannity and Rush told them than to what their neighbor, possibly a banker who understands all this has been trying to tell them for years.

Americans ignore that we are all where we are because of very basic problem - and are soothed with the images beaming out of their Telescreens.

Our media - needs to be forced to help us fix this or we will never have the basic public discussions that have to happen - at a personal level.

This is a short video - why is there not more serious discussion of this matter on the telescreen?

Who owns your TeeVee stations?  Why do they not explain this to the public if it is such a serious problem?

Our media remains PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 1 - the problems can be solved - including this money situation - but since the solutions that benefit you and me are not what those who own our TeeVees are after - the problem will remain a "conspiracy theory" bringing opprobrium to those discussing it with their "friends" in public.

My experience discussing serious matters with so-called "adults" I know usually ends with discussions of hollywood stars I cannot identify - so we have a ways to go before the public can face this matter.


The Lottery

“The Lottery, with its weekly pay-out of enormous prizes, was the one public event to which the proles paid serious attention. It was probable that there were some millions of proles for whom the Lottery was the principal if not the only reason for remaining alive. It was their delight, their folly, their anodyne, their intellectual stimulant. Where the Lottery was concerned, even people who could barely read and write seemed capable of intricate calculations and staggering feats of memory. There was a whole tribe of men who made their living simply by selling systems, forecasts, and lucky amulets. Winston had nothing to do with the Lottery, which was managed by the Ministry of Plenty, but he was aware (indeed everyone in the party was aware) that the prizes were largely imaginary. Only small sums were actually paid out, the winners of the big prizes being nonexistent persons.”

― George Orwell, 1984


Cutting Through the Matrix - probably the best UN information website

I highly recommend this website for very good information.  I have a hard time endorsing anyone because of the disinformation problem we have with media of any sort - but I think it is important to hear a viewpoint on the laws the UN is behind taking place through legal means while we are all at work - those of us not between jobs.  Who are the people behind all the global warming we keep hearing about?  There have indeed been scandals that are well known.

Alan Watt has some very informative talks.  It took a while for me to absorb some of the issues here - he just leads you to the information and you can make up your own mind about the patterns recognizable with some events going on around you.  You may find that some things are understandable because you didn't consider the connections of some of these organizations before.  Probably because nobody mentioned it.

I find anything having to do with the United Nations - whether a good idea or not - to be against the principles of our country.  I was told that our government was what WE wanted.  But in the end it is those who are organized that get laws enacted.

Alan Watt does a steady job of reading much of this very dry information to you.  So - you can make up your own mind.  Some of this stuff becomes obvious instantly once you hear the names and connect some of the dots  - but facing it takes some time to process in your mind- that somebody like Ban Ki- moon or whatever his name is controls our tax money in any way.  Where does he come from and why is he involved in anything going on inside this country?  Alan Watt poses the question "Did you vote for this guy?"  Then he'll read you an article about the causes Ban Ki-moon is part of and you may be surprised.  If it were up to me I'd get the UN out of this country because we have some serious issues regarding our survival going on and don't have time for this UN nonsense.

Here's the link:

Cutting Through the Matrix
Go to the audio section and listen to Sunday show for a sample.

...On another topic ... just another crazy idea...I know I said this before but it's carved into the walls at Monticello, Thomas Jeffersons symbolic architecture design and construction.  He stressed an agrarian society and he ran an agrarian operation - albeit with slaves.  Well if automation is so good - look at the Google Dog-like robots - we can definitely focus on making farming automatons as easily as killer-robots.  Make some machine robots to replace the slaves and build a place like he had that could be self-sufficient.  We can all dream of peace instead of war I suppose.   I've flown over this country many times and believe there is a vast amount of usable farming land out there.  People don't have to be crammed into cities and we don't have to "overpopulate" either.  Anyway - I like to think positive thoughts once in a awhile too you know.  It seems like it's going to take enough people wanting that.  For now the population remains mezmerized.

Much economic activity and benefit to the nations infrastructure could result..

We need to get agriculture going again - people can get loans for machines and land so they can farm on microfarms and feed the families they have.

Where will the land come from?  That will have to be figured out.  I drove about 8+ hours the other day and saw a lot of land that could be used for agriculture - at a profit.  If there is a hungry world out there let's feed them.  Automation can be used to put people back to work rather than automation putting people out of work in an industrialized situation.


Farewell to Virginny

Christmas vacay is coming to a close - now the drive home.

Richmond was good to me - the people and the food.  The traffic really non-existent for such a hub -

I really needed some food too - I'm heading back to my real home where they have work for me.

Virginny was a good place to live but it seems like for most of my life I was really bringing money back in to the state.  The place I'm heading back to doesn't have as good food but that's where work is.

I remember kids' fathers when I was a kid working in other towns to support their families.

Anyway - some scenes.  I saw some Muslims - their baby was wearing one of those Santa hats with the white tassel.  They didn't seem to be waging any war on Christmas.

I saw several Asian-run businesses with Christmas cards and Christmas trees.  Felt like Christmas there.

There seemed, this year, to be a major lack of colored lights decorating people's homes, however.  Not sure if that was deliberate or if that's just the way everybody felt.  There are some people I know having meltdowns.

The weather has been so unseasonably warm - 70's - "t-shirt weather."

The food in this town is really good if you go to the right places.  Prices are about as high as everywhere else but parking hasn't turned into a free-for-all like in my home-town.

I'm at my coffee shop here again - picking up a redeye for the ride home.

The people here are more free in thought, I'd say, than where I'm heading.  This is a "religious" area (I'm using the word "religious" wrong) but you are supposed to know what I mean.

As far as the prez election - I've not read any news, listened to any media other than Christmas music - and accidentally viewed brief moments of games that were on in various establishments I've visited during my visit here.

The Poe museum has really been on my mind.  If you come to Richmond do visit it.  I don't like mentioning places on this blog since the topics discussed here are such unpopular speech I'm concerned that those mentioned will feel insulted for having any affiliation with it.  I think people get the wrong idea - but sometimes that's

The sun is coming out for the first time in several days of the rainiest, most unseasonably warm and foggiest conditions I've seen in a December.  It's been a good experience.

I can't say much more about politics today other than nobody I've run into has said a word about any of it.  The public doesn't  care about this election much.  It seems that We the People are not really the ones having problems getting along - it is You the Leaders who seem to not be able to "make a deal."

Let's seem some change on some big stuff or this police state will continue heading down this silly and dark road.

As I was stepping into the Poe museum yesterday a man came walking by down the street and I couldn't help but say something to him, since he was carrying a gigantic automatic pistol on his belt.  I said to him "Packing heat today huh?"  He said "Everyday - especially around here."

He wasn't a young guy - and he was nice enough.  I probably should have asked further questions to see if this was in reaction to him being attacked or was he just careful?  He wasn't strange or paranoid or anything - and with the open carry situation at least you knew he had a gun on him - and you could make a choice whether or not to be around where he his.  I've known people with concealed guns during times in my life that I decided to minimize my exposure to because of their unstable nature.  Others I never gave it a second thought.  It is a bit of a shame that that is all we are in the end - just a bunch of people with guns to keep just enough of a stalemate so we don't kill each other.

Are we better than that?  For a "Christian country" as I'm constantly reminded - you would think we could all stop shooting each other and carrying weapons the day after Christmas.  But that's not the real world.  A lot of bad stuff happens around Christmas like it happens everywhere all the time.

I'm not saying I want a Muslim country or a Jewish country or any religion country - I'd prefer if that side of things were kept out of public institutions - because one of the things that was always to differentiate America from all other nations was our religious tolerance - and the fact that no religion could get an upper hand and start imposing their belief system on the rest of us that don't want it.

I am not against religion at all - and some of my morals came from religion (I think?) although in the end the all came from my family.

It doesn't take much thought to see that so-called American values come from our media - in all of its forms.  A break-up of the media is a promise Donald Trump can make to the American public.  That's an easy one - and one he seems to already agree with.

Well I have to get on the road.  I'm driving a VW rental - Passat Wolfsburg edition.  The guys at the rental place had a decent car this time.  Last time I drove a Nissan Sentra that hydroplaned as soon as there was any water on the road.  This time I didn't notice the monsoon I drove through on the way up  here with ponding conditions and everything.


Poe a Tree

This is another unedited and crappy post - but once again I couldn't help it...


 It’s the day after Christmas 2015.  It was my second visit to the Poe Museum.  They’ve moved some of the stuff around.  The bed Poe slept in – more like a cot – is present in the first room you enter – tiny with a huge fireplace.  Strange proportions.  Also in this first room is a piano that belonged to somebody – his wife?  I’m not sure about Poe’s life very much but the piano has a placard near it you can read, it tells a bit of the history of the piano – it was given as payment to a Dr. that somebody owed money to then was donated back several generations later back to the Poe museum.  Many things here have been transplanted from places Poe lived including an entire staircase from his childhood residence.

They also set up a "Cask of Amontillado" exhibit where you can have your picture taken next to the guy that gets chained to the wall.  If you haven't read that story it is one of Poe's good ones.  Well done.

A step outside through one of many frightfully creakey doors brings you to the enchanted garden which is an enclosed  brick courtyard surrounded by various old buildings.  The main Poe building is the oldest building in Richmond, VA supposedly built around 1727?  No pictures are allowed in certain areas so I didn’t take any at all so I could forget about that.

They added two long jet black cats to the museum since I was there last – it really livened the place up in just the right way.  Some dunderhead bent the metal Poe Museum sign outside – I didn’t remember to check to see if they were able to get it fixed.  It is a beautiful sign – even defaced – it doesn’t matter –

I’m in my favorite coffee shop  up on the top of the hill by St. John’s church – the one where Patrick Henry gave the “Give me Liberty or Give me Death Speech.”

So I took a look briefly through the news today and can see that the Republicans, pretending to be whoever they have branded themselves as – are trying to complete their vetting of the public to see which candidate they can sell most effectively to the public.   My prediction is that Trump will be their nominee.

He has already demonstrated a dual loyalty that is a problem for my own tastes in a leader of the United States.  He seems to have got the entire story backwards on 911.  But maybe that’s because he is out of touch in that sort of way – similar to one of our past presidents – also ultra-wealthy – George H.W. Bush.  There was a famous moment when poppy Bush was on the campaign trail and he was posing in a supermarket line acting like he was really buying groceries like normal people do.  Well – at the time the supermarket laser bar-code scanners had already come out and when they started the cameras running and started scanning groceries he was asking the cashier about this newfangled device that automatically scanned the items into the register.  In other words guys like poppy Bush and Donald Trump are bigshots – they are making big deals and maximize the effectiveness of their limited time by having others prepare meals for them – the supermarket trip is, in reality, a poor use of their time.

I’m not picking on them – depending upon what a person does in their life there are things they will do as a matter of routine and these are the activities that take up time in their life – and the ones that can manage combinations of these activities most effectively die with the most toys.

But in reality – getting back to the point I was supposed to be making – what goes on in Donald Trump’s life that has anything to do with the way you and I live?  Can he relate to the realities of life in America when he lives in the Big Apple as a billionaire?

I am going to guess:  No and evidence of his being out of touch with America is the fact that his facts on 911 are pathetic. 

He turned one of the 911 documented stories upside down that just about everyone that has studied the 911 crime has known for years and years:  That there were dancing Israelis on 911 that were rounded up.  You can find the cop that arrested them on yootoob begging people to stop calling him about the arrest he made that day.  Go find that interview of him making his statement about who they really arrested that day. 

I can now see that there are many reasons why the 911 criminals have gotten away with their crime for so long – being such skilled criminals and all.  They have a lot of money so in the US they can effectively control everything.  They own the media.  Complete control of the media was an essential element in committing that crime – they could not have gotten away with the crime for so long without the media being directly involved. 

So what is all this getting to?  That this very same media and the very same media owners are the ones spreading the information put out by Donald Trump.  He starred on their TeeVee shows – remember?  “You’re Fired!”  So he has been one of their actors on their fake reality shows.  That means there is a connection from Trump to the same crooked media that was directly involved in the caper pulled over on the American public known as 911.  This crooked media is participating in the Orwellian shift of the facts on all issues – one example being the shift from dancing Israelis to dancing evil mooslims.

So what are we to make of all of this? 

I’ve concluded, for now, that with the existing election machine situation – meaning that they are easily rigged – that the election only has to appear legitimate in the media – meaning – the media has to only create an atmosphere where it would be believable for a candidate to be elected, meaning that their chosen candidate – through marketing/polling methods – must be able to gather a legitimate size of the real votes – then the rigged machines are targeted in areas where the state apparatus is controlled to the extent that they can use those districts to throw the election. 

So if Trump looks popular enough, and he can be installed, or the whoever they control on the Democrat side, let’s say Sanders – then you can count on more war and more unquestioning support for Israel.

Those who ignore the words of Dr. Alan Sabrosky regarding who did 911 will forever wonder what is going on in the world around them.  Nothing ever seems to make that much sense.  What would Donald Trump have to say with respect to Dr. Alan Sabrosky of the US Army War College making a statement that Israel did 911? 

Another thought that comes to mind for me is that of fear.

America is presently paralyzed by fear.  Most of this fear is manufactured fear directed at the public with very precise timing to produce precise results in the public mind.  Those tasked with solving these high crimes are also paralyzed with fear.  They may have caught wind of some of these anomalies in the big lie given to the public – they may have seen the statements of Dr. Alan Sabrosky and know that something is wrong – but they cannot do anything because they are afraid they will be treated like all whistleblowers are treated – like pariahs.

I now think I understand more now than ever before that it is the people in the actual government structures that are supposed to deal with the 911 crooks that have to be the most “afraid” – even if they are really brave people.  They must all know that these master criminals live in the upper echelons of our institutions here in the US. How can any individual do anything about the 911 crimes when they know they will be fired or harassed?  That’s the environment here in the United States.  When I ask people who either are or know people in law enforcement – they are woefully ignorant of the facts surrounding those crimes.  The fact is that if any progress will ever be made regarding the real crooks of 911 the direction must come from the top.  But it looks like the masterminds own all of the people at the top of our “crime-fighting” institutions and the media that is used to keep everyone in line.   Owning the police and the news makes getting away with anything very very easy.   

The crooks must be running everything since their agenda continues regardless of who gets into office.  Can you see into the future – as I feel I can – a future for America if Trump gets into office?  More of the same.

More war – more hatred – more division?  Can Trump show us now that he is really going to bat for America?  Even Donald Trump’s money relies on the economy surviving – but which aspects?  What would happen to all of his money if he didn’t support interest groups who would put themselves ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans?  Do ordinary Americans even matter to him?

Trump can make announcements now – loud and clear – how he is going to put an end to the hostilities in the Palestinian issue.  Israel seems intent on the extermination of Palestinians – go look at the map online of the reduction in Palestinian territory over the years. 

Where are the peaceful Muslims and Israelis while the United States is going up in flames?  Why is it that all we hear from are violent religious extremists?  Where are the people that actually want an end to all of this war?